CEREFunds Global is an international investment management, corporate advisory and project development Group, which was founded in 2003 in Central Europe. CEREFunds Global geographically focuses on high-growth emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We work alongside institutional and private investors in professionally managed portfolios. The Group’s activities consist of Asset Management, Funds, Corporate Advisory and Project development.

Our Executives are based in London, Prague, Dubai and Riyadh, and the Group is reinforced by a global network of affiliates and contacts.

We aim to consistently deliver foundational solutions, which are specifically tailored to meet our investors’ long-term needs.

Our vision is to become one of the leading Regional Investment, Advisory and Project Development Groups, managing an attractive project portfolio and a strong consortium of companies operating across our regional bases.

Our aim is to provide creative business solutions that help investors, companies and individuals achieve their objectives. Our group has a track record of expertise to assist in managing every step of the business process from the incubation of an idea to the delivery of an operating project until its exit.


Founded in 2003, CEREFunds (Central European Real Estate Funds) has over 12 years’ experience in the Real Estate business, Asset Management and Corporate Advisory.