CEREFunds Asset Management uses for its managed investments among others a Fund of Qualified Investors and a SICAV fund. Other type of funds, in other jurisdictions, maybe used based on the transaction type, location of the transaction/deal and preference from the investment partner. CEREFunds provides the general fund structuring investment advisory to its investment partners.

CEREFunds Real estate Fund of Qualified Investors (“FQI”):
Real Estate investment fund managed by CEREFunds Asset Management in the form of a joint stock company with variable capital supported by a Licensed Fund Administrator to fulfill all obligations of the fund in relation to the Central Bank as the regulator. The FQI is a subject of collective investment not determined for collection of money from the public and is in legal point of view similar to a Luxemburg special investment fund (SIF).

CEREFunds Green Energy Fund:
An EU based investment fund with variable capital (SICAV) with focus on Renewable Energy projects in the Central and Eastern European region. Incorporated in 2014 with a strategic partner – an EU based renewable energy EPC Company. Target volume of the fund (2015 – 2016) is 100 MW of completed grid connected projects.


Founded in 2003, CEREFunds (Central European Real Estate Funds) has over 12 years’ experience in the Real Estate business, Asset Management and Corporate Advisory.