Erik Webb Dempsey

   Non-executive director


  • CEREFunds Asset Management: Non-executive director
  • Mohammad Al Houkail Contracting Co.: Chief Financial Officer
  • Based in the GCC
  • Oversees and manages the financial department

Erik Webb Dempsey comes from a diverse financial and entrepreneurial background with an expertise in Real Estate, finance and acquisitions. An American by origin, he has lived 21 years abroad; 16 years in Central Europe and 5 years in the Middle East [GCC].

He started his career in Real Estate at Jones Lang LaSalle in the Czech Republic and subsequently worked as CFO for a major hotel master franchisee and internet travel booking system backed by investors from Citicorp Venture Capital and Sun Capital Partners with extensive international scope where he amassed a great deal of experience with inter-corporate financing, multinational corporate structural, tax optimisation and transfer pricing issues.

Working on behalf of various clients, he has experience advising on valuation, process, deal structuring and due diligence. He has a particular expertise for developing financial models to assess enterprise value and assets, project expansionary opportunities, and craft detailed sales memos as well as management presentations outlining business strategy and coordinate process with selected investors.

Mr. Dempsey has advised senior management of multiple corporate clients and HNWI investors; providing strategic and tactical financial advisory as well as serving a non-executive Vice-Chair of the Advisory board for Aetheon Capital where he advised on fund structuring, legal, taxation and strategic issues. He has also served as CFO of a major Real Estate Developer in Prague where he managed acquisitions and financing of commercial, residential and mixed use sites.

As a founding partner of Property CEE and CEREFunds in the Czech Republic he advised multiple international clients on real estate transactions totalling EUR 120 million. He also designed an opportunistic fund focused on acquiring regulated residential housing in the Czech Republic and raised capital commitments in excess of EUR 30 million. He further served as a director for a medium size residential development in Prague for which he raised approximately EUR 2 million.

As Investments Director of FourWinds Capital Management (MEA), Mr. Dempsey was responsible for M&A activity for the new Environmental Infrastructure Partnership (EIP) focusing on the GCC’s construction and infrastructure sectors.

In 2012, Mr. Dempsey moved to Saudi Arabia as CFO of Mohammad Al Houkail Contracting Co. There oversees and manage all functions of the financial department. He also manages financial analysis, planning and funding for all project deal flow, new business start-ups and acquisitions that include leading the establishment of a new SBU in the Renewable Energy sector focusing on Photo Voltaic Solar Utility Project Development as an IPP offering complete systems services (EPC, O&M and Financial Engineering, etc.)

Mr. Dempsey has a Bachelor of Science in Business the Florida State University, with majors in Marketing and Advertising and an MBA from the prestigious University of Chicago’s Booth Graduate School of Business. He is an expert in financial modelling and investment analysis.

Key Reference Transactions and On-going Transactions:

Year Sector Transaction Type Currency Value
1997-98 Office Bld. Development Financing/Debt USD 24m
1997-98 Retail Sale-Leaseback USD 35m
1997-98 Office Bld. Sale USD 50m
1997-98 Mixed Valuation USD 200m
1998 Office Bld. Sale USD 12m
1999 Office Bld. Acquisition+Development USD 600k
2004-08 Residential Acquisition EUR 100m
2004-08 Residential Acquisition EUR 10m
2006 Business Advisory Portfolio Restructuring EUR 4m
2006 Land Acquisition+Development EUR 2m
2007 Land Acquisition EUR 1.8m
2007 Land Acquisition EUR 1.2m
2007-08 Retail Equity Fundraising EUR 5m
2007 Residential Development Financing/Debt EUR 9m
2008 Residential Sale EUR 5m
2008 Land Acquisition EUR 2m
2008 Business Advisory Equity Fundraising EUR 2m
2008 Business Advisory Business Sale EUR 1m
2008 Business Advisory Equity Fundraising EUR 150k
2008 Residential Acquisition+Asset Management USD 20m
2010-11 Waste Water Company Acquisition USD 55m
2010-11 Waste Water Company Acquisition USD 30m


Founded in 2003, CEREFunds (Central European Real Estate Funds) has over 12 years’ experience in the Real Estate business, Asset Management and Corporate Advisory.