Pavla Novotná

   General Manager for CEE


  • CEREFunds Asset Management: General Manager - CEE
  • Based in Prague, Czech Republic (EU)
  • Oversees and directs the daily operations of the CEE office
Pavla, a Czech national, has a good knowledge of the property market in the Czech republic and long term experience with operational management of companies.

She has extensive hands-on experience with facility management of large real estate portfolios.

Pavla has a tax and accounting advisor license and previously worked independently as an accountant and tax advisor.

In the past, she co-founded a construction company and acted as its Chief Financial Officer.

Pavla also co-founded a distribution company in the health and beauty sector.

She is fluent in Czech, English and Slovak language and has intermediate language skills in Italian and Russian language

Pavla graduated from the College of Economics and Management in Prague as a specialist in financial management, accounting and business management.


Founded in 2003, CEREFunds (Central European Real Estate Funds) has over 12 years’ experience in the Real Estate business, Asset Management and Corporate Advisory.