Ing. Pavel Barvík

   Acquisition Director for CEE


  • CEREFunds Asset Management: Acquisition Director - CEE
  • Based in Prague, Czech Republic (EU)
  • Manages Acquisitions in the Central and Eastern European region
Pavel, a Czech national, has very good knowledge of the property, development and debt markets in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Pavel acts as an advisor for local and international partners in providing property/investment analysis and real estate project development.

He offers more than 20 years of experience in a wide range of business activities ranging from engineering with focus on land rezoning to construction development of projects to their final appreciation via sale or lease.

Pavel was involved in many projects mainly in the territory of the ex-Czechoslovakia. From cooperation on these projects he created very good relationships and contacts, which are useful in business development in the EU, CEE and Russia.

Pavel received the Ing. title and engineering degree from the Economics University in Prague (Czech Republic), which according to the international ratings belongs to the most prestigious universities in the European Union.

Key Reference Transactions and On-going Transactions (1993 – 2014):

  • Czech republic  Four real estate (residential and commercial) development projects with total investment costs of EUR 70mio.

  • Prague  Nine residential projects with total investment costs of EUR 60 mio.

  • Prague  Retail/commercial real estate project with total investment costs of EUR 10mio.

  • Czech republic  Agricultural land projects with total investment costs of EUR 5 mio.

  • Czech republic  Alternative energy projects with total investment costs of EUR 110 mio.

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